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Lind DC Power Adapter - Model # PA1555-655

Technical Information

Input Voltage: 
11 to 16 Vdc
Output Voltage: 
15.6 Vdc
Output Current: 
5.5 amps (max)
MP205 and 2.5 mm
Automotive Input Cable Length: 
18 Inches
Output Cable Length: 
36 Inches
15 amps
5.0 x 3.0 x 1.15 in
13 ounces
3 years
Model: PA1555-655
  • Panasonic
    • Toughbook 18, Toughbook 19, Toughbook 28, Toughbook 29, Toughbook 30, Toughbook 48, Toughbook 73, Toughbook AX2, Toughbook C1, Toughbook C2, Toughbook D1, Toughbook F8, Toughbook F9, Toughbook H1, Toughbook H2, Toughbook R1, Toughbook R4, Toughbook R5, Toughbook T1, Toughbook T2, Toughbook T4, Toughbook T5, Toughbook T7, Toughbook T8, Toughbook U1, Toughbook W2, Toughbook W4, Toughbook W5, Toughbook W7, Toughbook W8, Toughbook Y2, Toughbook Y4, Toughbook Y5, Toughpad G1, Toughpad M1

The Lind PA1555-655 DC/DC Power Adapter is designed to power your Panasonic-compatible Toughbook and to charge its internal battery from an 11-16 volt DC power source. The adapter supplies current and voltage levels as required by the Toughbook.

  • Low Input Voltage Disconnect
  • High Input Voltage Disconnect
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Output Overcurrent Protection
  • Internal Over Temperature Protection

Lind Electronics, Inc. reserves the right to limit or restrict the sale of its adapters to any party for reasons unspecified.

Cables/Accessories Included with this Adapter:

CBLOP-F00691: 2.5mm SM 18V TVS Right-angle Connector, Non-fused, 36-inch Cable Length, 20 AWG, RoHS Compliant
CBLIP-F00060: Cigarette Lighter Connector to MP205 Connector, Non-fused, 36-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant

Optional Equipment:

ASMTL-00332: Mounting Bracket for Lind 90-watt Plastic DC/DC Power Adapters
CBLIP-F00051: Bare Wire Leads to MP205 Connector, Non-fused, 36-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant