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Lind DC Power Adapter - Model # PA1555-655

Technical Information

Input Voltage: 
11 to 16 Vdc
Output Voltage: 
15.6 Vdc
Output Current: 
5.5 amps (max)
MP205 and 2.5 mm
Automotive Input Cable Length: 
18 Inches
Output Cable Length: 
36 Inches
15 amps
5.0 x 3.0 x 1.15 in
13 ounces
3 years
Model: PA1555-655
  • Panasonic
    • Toughbook 19, Toughbook AX3, Toughbook C2, Toughbook F9, Toughbook H2, Toughbook SX2, Toughbook U1, Toughpad B2, Toughpad E1, Toughpad G1, Toughpad M1, Toughpad X1

The Lind PA1555-655 DC/DC Power Adapter is designed to power your Panasonic-compatible Toughbook and to charge its internal battery from an 11-16 volt DC power source. The adapter supplies current and voltage levels as required by the Toughbook.

  • Low Input Voltage Disconnect
  • High Input Voltage Disconnect
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Output Overcurrent Protection
  • Internal Over Temperature Protection

Lind Electronics, Inc. reserves the right to limit or restrict the sale of its adapters to any party for reasons unspecified.

Cables/Accessories Included with this Adapter:

CBLOP-F00691: 2.5mm SM 18V TVS Right-angle Connector, Non-fused, 36-inch Cable Length, 20 AWG, RoHS Compliant
CBLIP-F00060: Cigarette Lighter Connector to MP205 Connector, Non-fused, 36-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant

Optional Equipment:

ASMTL-00332: Mounting Bracket for Lind 90-watt Plastic DC/DC Power Adapters
CBLIP-F00051: Bare Wire Leads to MP205 Connector, Non-fused, 36-inch Cable Length, 18 AWG, RoHS Compliant